Hotels in Edirne

Hotels in Edirne

Edirne is a city located in northwestern Turkey, in the Marmara Region. Famous for its historical and
cultural richness, Edirne welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year.

Accommodation options in Edirne are quite diverse. There are many hotels in the city center, on the
historical peninsula and outside the city.

Hotels in the city center

Located in the historical peninsula of Edirne, the hotels stand out with their proximity to the
historical and cultural sites of the city. These hotels are within walking distance of major tourist
attractions such as Selimiye Mosque, Old Mosque, Three Serefeli Mosque, Meriç River and Edirne
Archaeological Museum.

Hotels outside the city

Hotels located outside the city center of Edirne offer a quieter accommodation. These hotels stand
out with their proximity to the natural beauties of the city.

Things to consider when choosing a hotel in Edirne

Here are some points to consider when choosing a hotel in Edirne:

Purpose of stay: If you are going to Edirne for business, sightseeing or entertainment, you should
choose your accommodation accordingly.
Budget: There are hotels for every budget in Edirne. After determining your accommodation budget,
you can choose among the hotels suitable for this budget.
Accommodation location: When choosing accommodation in Edirne, you need to determine which
part of the city you want to stay in.
Hotel features: When choosing a hotel, the features of the hotel should also be taken into
consideration. For example, if you are looking for features such as spa, fitness center, children's pool,
you can choose among the hotels with these features.

Featured hotels in Edirne

Hotel deals in Edirne

Hotel prices in Edirne vary according to the location, features and service quality of the hotel. Hotels
in the city center are usually more expensive than hotels outside the city.

Hotel prices in Edirne vary between 1000-2000 TL per night on average. However, prices can go up to
4000 TL in luxury hotels.

Hotel reservation in Edirne

There are different methods for booking a hotel in Edirne. Hotel reservations can be made through
the hotels; own websites, travel agencies or online booking sites.

When booking a hotel in Edirne, it is usually more advantageous to book early.

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